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$100 there but $40,000 here – what does it mean?

6th September 2012

Marcie Edmonds wen to the Chandler Regional Medical Center emergency room after getting bitten by a scorpion. She was there for three hours and her bill was more than $83,000. That includes two doses of anti-venom at nearly $40,000 per dose. The same anti-venom is $100 per dose in Mexico.

Makes you wonder what is wrong with American hospitals.

At least she had insurance. They’ll pay for 57,000 US dollars worth leaving the scorpion bite victim to come up with another 25k or so.

Question: why is the anti-venom $39,000.00 more in the US than it is in Mexico?

And the victim says they gave her the shots without ever telling her the cost. That’s pretty messed up. Does the hospital have an obligation to save her life without ruining her financially? Was there a cheaper alternative that didn’t involve a 39,000 dollar markup (make that 2 $39,000 markups for the two doses of antivenom)?

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