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Should I be wearing a back brace at the office?

22nd May 2016

Reader question: I’m a pretty fit guy but long hours at the office has done a number on my back and core. I’ve been strengthening my core muscles to compensate but I’ve felt something has to be done for the 8+ hours I’m sitting at my desk in the office. So today is the first […]

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KETOSIS lifestyle

16th May 2016

A friend of mine is trying out Ketosis and I thought it was pretty hardcore / worth sharing what he does: Wake to 20oz of water with a pinch of Himalayan Salt and a few drops of lemon / lim (organic, squeezed). Make organic low acidic coffee with grass fed butter, mct oil, creatine, collagen […]

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Anyone ever done Whole30 program/diet?

1st May 2016

I did it / am doing it (on day 29 of 30) in preparation for a hard core workout/diet plan I wanted to do in preparation for some longer runs and bike rides I want to do working up to a triathlon and found the results to be great. just curious if anyone has done […]

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