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The importance of finding safe, effective supplements

17th May 2006

A article explores recent suggestions that American might be getting too many nutrients as a result of supplementation and¬†fortified foods. While there was some concern, the general agreement seemed to be that ‘people who take supplements tend to be healthy but we’re not sure why’ – that’s my interpretation of the National Institutes of Health panel’s findings:

Health conscious people are the most likely to consume MVMs, which makes it difficult to determine whether MVMs, exercise, diet or other factors are responsible for their good health, the panel concluded.

What seems strange to me is that the panel is recommending the FDA regulate supplements despite the fact that they haven’t really reached any definitive conclusions. Why don’t we wait until we know something before regulating it?

In the meantime, this just reminds us that we have to look out for ourselves. We have to choose supplements backed by clinical studies, supplements that have proven to be safe and effective.

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