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66 kilograms

5th December 2008

I’m getting closer to my goal of 70 kilograms. A few years ago I was 59 kilograms and 23% bodyfat. I’m around 15% body fat now… My wife says my body looks better now than it did 7 years ago when we got married. That’s not saying much considering what kind of shape I was in but it’s still nice to hear.

It really is simple: Work out. Eat a lot. Gain weight.

I’ve been drinking protein shakes after my workouts, taking creatine pre-wourkout, and drinking an intra-workout supplement like Purple Wraath or Intrabolic.

One Response to “66 kilograms”

  1. David Says:

    “Work out. Eat a lot. Gain weight.”

    It really is that simple. You want to be consuming more calories then what your body needs. And not just junk calories but good healthy foods. Most people don’t pay enough attention with nutrition when attempting to gain weight.