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A different kind of healthy camping experience

25th October 2006

Normally when you go camping the majority of your exercise comes from hiking, but what if I told you that sometimes when I go camping my exercise comes from running after (or away from) monsters with a boffer weapon in one hand and a shield in the other? I’m talking about Live Action Role-Playing games (LARPs).

For example, there’s a Nero Alliance fantasy LARP in Traverse City, Michigan. At their campground, they create a medieval fantasy setting where costumes and make up create a world in which dwarves, elves, humans, cat people, zombies, vampires, trolls, and ogres interact. The exercise haapens when a fight breaks out. Players use foam “boffer weapons” to do battle.

So on a normal camping trip, you need a pocket knife but on a trip to a NERO LARP you’re better off with chainmail armor. NERO boffer weapons are soft, but wearing armor gives you “armor points” so that you can fight longer. Besides, if it’s exercise you’re after not much beats running around in chainmail fighting monsters with your boffer sword in one hand and your shield in the other.

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