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23rd February 2007

Here’s a health blog that looks kind of like mine. If you don’t get confused between Health Salon and Healthspan Blog, then this is a blog I recommend.

One of the things I like about it is the practical information. For example among the nutrition articles we learn the benefits of common foods like olive oil, cinnamon, and iodine. Olive oil is also good for your skin, by the way. I use skin care products that deliver powerful antioxidants like olive oil and vitamin C right to your skin. Even my shaving cream has green tea extract in it.

Well Health Salon doesn’t have a skin care section, but they do have something missing from most other health related blogs (including mine). They have a section on the environment. Here they recommend something I’ve been meaning to see, the movie An Inconvenient Truth. Thank you for the reminder!

Speaking of controversies and conspiracies, check out this article on DCA, a possible cancer cure. There have been some promising studies but no clinical trials. Why no clinical trials? Because DCA can’t be patented so the drug companies have nothing to gain (finding a possible cure for cancer is not a gain to the drug companies) because they won’t make much money (if any) on DCA.

It’s a crazy world… Profit and politics rule our health

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