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Anybody frequently get dizzy or lightheaded?

4th June 2017

Reader question: Anybody get dizzy or lightheaded as a matter of course?

Before we get started, I had multiple trips to the nose/ear specialists and had am MRI of my head already, and nothing really came up.

I’m 40, and for the last year or so, I’ve noticed that when my head moves position, from vertical to horizontal or vice verse (like rising from bed in the morning), I generally have to go through a brief period of lightheartedness or light dizziness.

Anybody else have this?

Possibilities (but of course you need a doctor to check you out):

Vertigo. Terrifying if you get a full-on episode but easily correctable at home. Google Modified Epley Maneuver. It may help. Also, number one cause of vertigo is stress, which might be the root cause. My mother had that once and it became severe. Turns out there was some kind of crystals or something in our inner ears and hers were out of balance and she went to a specialist and they did some kind a maneuver to balance them and it helped a lot.

Arteries: Get a full cardio workup. My 45 year old sister in law had these symptoms. Went through the ear nose etc checkups. Then her doctor said you’re young but let’s see if you’re having bloodflow issues. She had a serious blockage in a main artery to her heart. She was getting dizzy from lack of oxygenization. She had an angio and a stent put in and all is good.

Micturution syncope. It happens to a friend every other month, always happens in the early morning after waking up or right after taking his first piss of the morning. Will sometimes pass out entirely. My doctor said that it’s a condition caused by a rapid drop in blood pressure after waking up and rising rapidly and typically after urinating. Only happens in males.

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