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Anyone a member of Planet Fitness?

16th September 2008

Anyone a member of Planet Fitness? I had never heard of this franchise until today, as they apparently only have two locations in California. Apparently, they operate under the motto “The Judgement Free Zone,” which they strive to achieve through such measures as removing scales from the bathroom, limiting their dumbbell weights to 80 lbs, and having a FREAKING ALARM THAT SOUNDS WHENEVER SOMEONE GRUNTS WITH EFFORT, which I suppose they figure might hurt the feelings of someone who isn’t exerting the same amount of effort. My God, is this true? Has anyone ever been?

Answer 1: Yeah, it’s kinda weird. They do the same chit around here… BUT it is $10 BUCKS A MONTH so I think I can stop grunting on a bench to save 60-70 bucks a month.

Answer 2: And apparently, everything in there is purple. You know, like Barney the Dinosaur. And they limit the amount of water you can bring to 20 oz. Ostensibly because the casual exerciser (like myself actually, I am sub-casual, as I tend to go the gym every election year) might be intimidated by those whose dedication to exercise requires them to consume a large amount of water.

Answer 3: I belong. Use it for cardio only, their weight equipment sucks. They also told me I couldn’t wear a bandana in there. They had an incident in Wappinger Falls where a guy was grunting and they had him escorted out by the Police, was all over the place, ESPN, NY Times.

Answer 4: I recently hit one. yeah the purple equipment looks funny. Didn’t hear alarms though. Rubberized weights. Insanely cheap – 60 up front then just 10 per month no contract. I’ll stick with the Y though.

Answer 5: The atmosphere absolutely blows but it has heavy stuff I can pick up and things I can run on and not go anywhere. And it’s 5 minutes from my house. So I go.

Answer 6: The colors don’t bother me, I wasn’t aware of the water thing though. It is just RIDICULOUS cheap per month, and the equipment in the couple I’ve been to was well kept up. Dumbbells to 80lbs sucks, but for $10 a month I may join just to use it to break up working out in my basement everyday. I don’t grunt that much anyway… LOL

Answer 7: Cheap as hell, convenient, and the alarm is just for show. My biggest issue is that with the low pricepoint it is crowded and you get lots of kids. I understand the financial appeal and certainly, I wish my monthly gym bill were a mere 10 bucks instead of 27 (which is pretty cheap in its own right), particularly because I am essentially only paying for a little card I can carry around. I just don’t go often, as I am a sucker. I do ride my bike often enough to stay fairly healthy.

But it sounds to me like this gym, with these rules designed to foster an air of “no judgement,” is a bizarre oxymoron of sorts. It is saying, “Exercise because it is healthy, but do so with the same tendency towards the path of least resistance that you adhere to in every other thing in your life.”

Answer 8: It’s fair game. I mean, what does it say about our society in which people’s tendency to pursue laziness, poor health or underachievement is not condemned or even just merely discouraged, but instead is accommodated — for profit — by an institution that should by definition be a respite from laziness, poor health or underachievement?

I read somewhere about a guy having his membership pulled for grunting too loud. Not that I’m a grunter, but I wouldn’t want to work out in a place like that. It sounds like a place where people go to be seen rather than to work.

Answer 9: That’s my gym. They basically don’t cater to the powerlifter/body builder types. It’s regular folks trying to stay fit and lose the spare tire(s). I pay 20 bucks a month for me and my wife. The focus of Planet Fitness is to attract people who wouldn’t ordinarily join a gym. The idea is to make a place appealing to someone who may be intimidated or turned off by other options in the fitness industry. Your comments about it fostering laziness or a place to be seen are wrong. It is not a hard core gym in the traditional sense but many people I know love it because of the atmosphere, and they are just as committed to improving their health but are not into performance measurement.

Answer 10: Speaking of average Joe’s, it kind of looks like globo-gym being that all the machines are bright yellow and purple. I go there as a guest with my roomate sometimes. $10 membership and you get to bring guest for free everytime – pretty good deal

Answer 11: I used to be a member of one of their local franchises. I quit because of the stupid rules and the clientele. Basically they cater to the cellphone crowd — people who would rather stand around yakking on cellphones instead of working up a sweat. Supposedly one guy in the area almost got arrested because he grunted too loud and refused to leave the gym when they reprimanded him on it, so the police were called in. The price is nice, but if you’re serious about fitness, look elsewhere.

Answer 12: I am a recent member of one in South Florida. Now to think of it, I have never heard anyone grunt loudly. The only rule that I know they have is to not drop the weights, but I do it all the time, and no one has said anything to me. I suppose each Planet Fitness gym is different.

6 Responses to “Anyone a member of Planet Fitness?”

  1. Claudia Says:

    I have been a member of Planet Fitness for over a year now! The club unlike others is very inviting, always clean and definetly non intimidating. Personally I love the colors but that is my opinion. I agree that if you are looking for a club were you can be the typical “bodybuilder” Planet Finess is NOT for you. I know many people who go to my gym and everyone is very satisfied with the “judgement free zone” it keeps away those individuals who want to use the gym as a meat market. Most of us are there to work out not be checked out! Anyway, I am done ranting and raving but stick by Planet Fitness and their concepts. I guess if you dont like it you should definetly go somewhere else.

  2. Mathias Weltingberg Says:

    Truth is, some people are intimidated by the gym atmosphmere/experience. Planet Fitness gives an outlet for those who normally would not join a gym. It is geared more towards people trying to improve their overall health rather than the size of their biceps. Being that as it may, it does not by any stretch mean that you can’t get a serious work out in. Since when did grunting, dropping weights, and lifting 100+ lb dumbells become the benchmark for what is considered a serious workout. It really isn’t that necessary, but it really will intimidate somebody who has never stepped foot in a gym before, trying to work out for the first time.

  3. John Says:

    I love this club because it’s the cleanest club that I’ve ever been to! I think what people do not understand Is that Planet Fitness is all about making it easy for people who have never been to the gym before. There are plenty of weight machines and free weights for anyone who wants to work out hard. They just ask people not to drop weights and grunt so that it doesn’t start bothering other customers! I’ve seen more of a verity of stereo types there at Planet Fitness than you can even find at the mall! It sounds to me like most people in this blog seem to have developed some sort of bias against general fitness. There is a huge difference between body building and general fitness. If you’re the type that’s into body building than that’s probably not the place for you! I also took one of their trainer sessions and was very impressed with her knowledge. I mean you just can’t beat the price!!! $50 to start and only ten bucks a month! The trainer is free and you can cancel whenever you want! Getting in shape is the objective and they have everything you need to do just that at a great price!

  4. erica Says:

    Planet Fitness is awful. I went there 9 months ago to cancel my membership and gave them back their card. Today I get a bill saying I owe them money. Their records show that I have not been in since May, but since I did not save the paperwork I am out 230 bucks. Corporations ruin everything take your ten bucks and go for a walk or run outside. Be more resourceful and buy yourself a work out tape and some jugs of milk to lift. Screw Planet Ass crack.

  5. Chalmer Says:

    To whom it my concern
    I have been a client of Planet Fitness (PF) for quite a while and use the facility on regular basis. One of the premier things I like about the facility is its cleanliness and up keep of the equipment, the employees do a great job there. The overall attitude in the fitness center is very good; the judgment free thing is a good concept. I, as a client, like the fact that there is proper clothing worn by patrons and staff. Now there are a few things that have changed recently and they have not gone unnoticed.
    First thing is not being able to keep a gym bag with me in the gym while working out, that has gym equipment in it. I could understand if it was a big garment bag, those need to be in the locker room.
    Second I have noticed that the presence of professional trainers is no longer readily available. I understand that professional trainers are not part of your organization but their advice on training and nutritional questions can no longer be answered without leaving your facility and going to their offices next door in the strip mall. The arrangement and presence of the trainers was a bonus (free to Planet Fitness), one of the reasons why I chose to train in your facility (I see this as a loss for all).
    Third, this has got to be one of the lamest excuses I have ever heard. Removing the Olympic style flat bench and incline bench because they make too much noise! We were told this by an employee that appears to have been moved into a supervisor roll. COME ON! This has left three smith machines and three bench machines to handle all your customers. This probably won’t affect members during non-peak hours but during peak hours, you have cut the customer’s chest training capabilities by 1/3 and have affected a multitude of other training used on the smith machines.
    I did some home work First I called Broken Arrow since it’s the closest. I was told they never put those types of benches in because they are not promoting body building and it was a corporate decision. (now that sounds a little better). Since the things I have pointed out are less than believable, I picked at random from the PF website and called Austin, TX. and Anaheim, CA. Neither of these two PF’s have heard anything about removing the benches and have them in use.
    I also took the time to read the reviews on the internet. WOW less than flattering! With this latest change you are going to have a few problems. You’re going to lose customers, a very few but they are customers and they also carry a lot of word of mouth to non members who are considering joining a fitness club. That does go along way!!!!
    I suspect this will be tossed to the curb like the other 150 plus complaints that are posted on the internet. But there is something I learned after 20 years in the Air Force. When there is enough documentation good or bad things will change. Now I have added mine to the list.

  6. bart loftus Says:

    Member of Planet Fitness in OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS:

    Pretty nasty locker room and shower area. The closer you look, you wouldn’t want to wash your dog there.
    Lockers are nasty with trash & muddy grunge. Soap dispensers are often empty. Towel racks broken. Shower curtains torn. Floor mats not put back where they should be to prevent a slip-and-fall in the shower area. And if you ever, out of utter frustration, pop the cover open on one of the soap dispensers in the shower — you’ll be grossed out enough to call the health dept.