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Anyone ever done Whole30 program/diet?

1st May 2016

I did it / am doing it (on day 29 of 30) in preparation for a hard core workout/diet plan I wanted to do in preparation for some longer runs and bike rides I want to do working up to a triathlon and found the results to be great.

just curious if anyone has done this, and what they did when it was over. Short-term and long-term (to re-introduce certain foods like dairy, carbs, and alcohol) and lifestyle type changes.

The only thing I craved the whole month was booze, and not going to lie, I work at home and my bar is close to my desk and most days before this diet I ended it with a glass (or two) of scotch or bourbon, sometimes vodka on the rocks in the summer, and I drooled every day staring longingly at the bar.

Those looking for a paleo like temporary diet I lost 19 pounds in 30 days (and weight loss was not even a goal of mine – and I think it was mostly booze) but it is a good program that I recommend. Very similar to paleo, but more restrictive in a lot of areas about what you can eat.

Off the top of my head, no dairy, no added sugar of any kind in anything, no legumes (peanuts, peas, etc.) no alcohol, no complex carbs (no breads, grains, wheat, pasta, etc.), no MSG, no sulfites or carrageenen (which rules out almost everything).

Basically I ate chicken, steak, fish (and of course they prefer grass fed (livestock) or some specially environmentally safe fish (but I did the best I could there) and vegetables and some fruits and healthy fats (olives, non-peanut nuts, avocado). Three meals, no snacks.

Pretty strict, but I lost an inch off my waist (again not one of my goals), and feel better.

My workouts initially suffered, because I don’t think I was getting enough protein and just didn’t have the energy, but if you work out you can have a pre-workout or post-workout “meal”. which helped. By the end I didn’t need it, my energy level was through the roof.

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