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Bicep strain, bruising, working on biceps

21st April 2006

A recent question from my favorite sports message board: I got a bicep strain about two weeks ago there is some bruising that still hasn’t gone away. How long should i wait until working on my biceps again?

The first bit of advice was to see a doctor. The person with the bruised biceps answered that he had been to the doctor and that  the doctor he just gave him an anti-inflamatory and said he could get back to lifting in two weeks. However, that was two weeks ago and there’s still a red, blotch bruise and a little pain. 

One poster shared his experience:

I strained my left bicep(s) last summer, and it took WAY too long to fully heal. I waited a full month, when there was some twinge left, but things felt “OK,” and I lifted light, just to test it. Long story short, another 2 months later, it finally was pain-free.

I didn’t curl for 2 months. Probably shouldn’t have done other things, but I still did triceps (pushdowns, extensions, pushups) and even did some other pulling exercises (again, probably shouldn’t have – probably aggravated the injury), such as rowing and pulldowns. Take your time and don’t push it. I hope yours comes around faster than mine did.

Another poster shared some general advice: I would recommend stretching them after every single set. It’s a pain in the ash, but it goes a long way toward keeping them injury-free.

Personally, I’m sure the smart thing would be to check with the doctor, but I thought stretching was a good idea and the experience is a story worth remembering because strained muscles really do take a long time to heal and it really is easy to aggravate muscle strains.

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