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Buying medicine online news: costs and safety

14th April 2007

Many people are scared of buying drugs online, but lower prices make this a big business. There was the recent case in Canada where a woman died and the government warned its citizens to be careful buying drugs online. The government in South Korea is also worried about the sale of online drugs.

Of course, all countries say they are worried about their citizens, but with the US government, I get the feeling they are more worried about Phizer and Merck shareholders than the rest of us. People buy drugs online in countries where the big companies have lower profit margins. This article says Americans can save 30-80 percent by buying in Canada. Take this canadian pharmacy where, for example, CELEBREX 100 MG is $93.79 and CELEBREX 200 MG is $162.00 – Interestingly, prices are in US dollars so this Canadian Pharmacy isn’t targeting its own citizens…

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