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Complaints about Bally’s regarding billing and membership

18th April 2006

On a sports message board I frequent, someone recently posted this complaint about Bally’s:

My wife has been trying to cancel her “lifetime” membership for over a year. When she calls them she gets put on hold for close to an hour EVERY time. She can’t cancel online. The local Bally’s “can’t” do it either… Recommendations for canceling? Our advice? DON’T JOIN A BALLY’S!!!

Most responses involved going through the credit card company. Here is a typical one:

Tell the credit card you have tried to cancel and they refuse. And that you refuse to pay the membership fee. Your credit card company will charge Bally’s a charge-back fee and refund your money.

You also can check to see if your credit card statement has a telephone number to contact that does the billing for Bally’s. You can try calling them to cancel. I just recently had to do that for canceling my membership at Gold’s Gym.

Best way is a certified letter to Bally’s stating cancellation date, and following up with your credit card company if they bill after receiving the certified letter. You can then fax the letter to your credit card company to provide “proof” of the cancellation.
Good Luck!

A third person added this question:

Do you know that Bally’s Total Fitness and Bally’s Sports Clubs are 2 different places and the memberships are not interchangeable? I have to drive 45 minutes if I want to use my lifetime Total Fitness membership when there is a Bally’s Sports Club within walking distance. I can, however, upgrade my lifetime membership to include both clubs for $400 and $70/month.

And finally, another person who has had problems with Bally’s:

I got a discount through my company when I was hired last June, but before that I had a student membership for roughly 3 months. Once that membership ran out, I signed up through my company for a year. Bally’s was taking money from my credit card because I never “canceled” my summer account, even though I got another account from my work. After I cleared that up, it happened again because I paid for my brother’s account with my credit card. I realized they were charging me every month after his summer account ended and he had already started a new account. They’re a rip-off, but I don’t have any place closer to them, so I guess I have to deal.

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