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Considering Lasik surgery but still nervous

8th May 2007

Actually, I’ve pretty much made up my mind to get LASIK at some point. The question for me is when. I think about waiting because I figure the surgery is becoming less risky as it evolves. For example I have a friend who did it recently and she is very happy with the results. I also have a colleague who did it several years ago and she sees a glare at nide. She calls it a side effect. Obviously I don’t know what she sees but it sounds pretty irritating.

The site I linked to above has a lot of Lasik information. This FDA site also has good information and warns that you need to be extra careful if you’re had a correction in your prescription within 12 months. Tha means I have “refractive instability and should discuss the possible additional risks with (my) doctor.”

Hmmm. I guess I need to keep thinking about it. But at least I have time since you’re never too old for Lasik according to at elast one study.

Another thing to consider is cost. I know that a book called Patients Beyond Borders talks about getting Lasik abroad and saving money that way. My friend who had it recently had it done in South Korea…

One Response to “Considering Lasik surgery but still nervous”

  1. Editor Says:

    The key to any successful procedure is patient expectation. As long as patient expectations are reasonable, and the surgeon has properly articulated the risks, and outcomes, LASIK surgery is indeed a very good option for permanent vision correction.