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Dental malpractice suits impossible to win?

12th October 2009

This is a friend’s story: I have a bridge because of dental malpractice. I had a cap put on a tooth due to a bad cavity. The dentist then told me I was good to go. He had put on a TEMPORARY cap, never saw in his files in return visits (checkups and cleanings) that the cap was temporary, never notified me of its temporary status nor did in anyone in the office, and let me go on with it.

It finally fell out 18 months later while chewing a Starburst. He then exclaims “Whoa! It was a temp! Man my handiwork is good if it lasted 18 months!”.

Having such shoddy, temporary work in my mouth that long allowed for a vicious gum infection above the tooth. I had the gum infection worked on twice — apparently, this involves cutting into the gum and scraping it out — before the oral surgeon said “there’s nothing we can do, we have to yank the tooth to get to the infection”.

Its a newer procedure, as its a false tooth that attaches to one side of the surrounding teeth, not the cap that goes over the surrounding teeth entirely.

No attorney would take the case because dental malpractice is “impossible to win in court”. I called a crazy number of attorneys before I gave up.

One Response to “Dental malpractice suits impossible to win?”

  1. Howard Bauer Says:

    I repair dental drills for the dentist office and It is unfortunate when someone has a bad experience with their dentist. I would be flat mad myself if that happened to me. However most doctors out there are very good and this should be the exception and not the rule.