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Deviated Septum surgery advice needed

31st May 2013

Reader question: Just got the news from my doc that I have sinus disease (apparently a lot of people have it) and that fixing my deviated septum will help it big time. I wanted to get it done anyways but now knowing I have to have it done has me a little nervous. As you guys have said before, its not so bad but the recovery can be a pain because of the packing.

Answer 1) Easy peasy. If your doc will use the gel instead of packing go for it. It was kind of gross for a day or two (some leaking) but no pain at all and no packing to take out. It helped me a lot but I’m still not perfect. I would definitely do it again as I am thousands times better than last year.

Answer 2) My stepfather battles horrible sinus infections and he had surgery a few years back and it helped big time. A few days of pain will change your life, look at it that way.

Answer 3) I had a badly deviated septum that required them to cut out some bone. Even with a mistake that left a half inch of bone up my nose that set me back a week, it was easy. They’ll put some plastic splints up your nose and give you an odd bandage that attaches to your ears and is slung under your nose to catch the drainage. Make sure you stay ahead of the pain – I alternated Advil with percoset on a strict schedule. I don’t recall any pain or discomfort. The worst thing is that you’ll look like an idiot for a few days – my daughters still mock me almost a year later. The surgery had an enormous beneficial impact on my health. Go back to work when you stop bleeding which is usually two or three days. I got mine done on a Friday and was able to work from home the next day. If not for the surgeon’s error, I could have been back Monday or Tuesday. Good luck!

Answer 4) Aa septoplasty is a routine procedure. I have had it done twice actually after breaking my nose a year after the first surgery. Recovery is swift (3 days of minor discomfort), pain is minimal, and the ability to breathe and long term sinus relief is very much so worth it. I have suffered from bad allergies and frequent sinus infections since childhood. The procedure has made a world of difference.

Answer 5) I had my ethmoid bones trimmed and it did precisely nothing. I still get constant sinus infections despite using every preventative measure ever invented. I had it done at Johns Hopkins and I’m under the care of the head of their sinus dept and he essentially told me after two surgeries and months of treatment that “I’m not sure what it is, some people just don’t get relief from this”. So it’s not allergies, not my septum and apparently not anything else. I know of one other person who has gotten these procedures done and gotten no relief, but for the most part this surgery works as intended. I am apparently a very rare case which excites my doctor but pisses me off.

Answer 6) Just don’t watch youtube vidoes on this until after it’s done… I watched and was scared for my life. If you’ve already seen the videos, then you probably know what to expect. The packing and splint removal are disgusting.

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