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Do nurses buy their own uniforms?

14th April 2007

I always assumed that hospitals supplied nurses with their uniforms, but I think I was wrong. I was reading this article about a uniform change for nurses at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. The reason makes sense:

A standardized color, uniform or specialized badge for registered nurses is one of many approaches nationwide to elevate the image of nurses, to let the public realize their role in patient care and to recruit more people into nursing.

But then I read about how nurses are buying their own uniforms. Do you wonder how much they spend?

I did. So I did a little scrubs research online. On this Nursing Scrubs site, the front page shows tops ranging from $9 – $23 and pants from $10 – $16. That’s not a crazy amount, but I’m sure uniforms get stained considering what nurses have to do and who they have to do it with. Plus they probably need a few sets…

I wonder why they never mentioned this on Gray’s Anatomy. I mean they talked about Dr. Benson’s head thing, but they never said anything about the actual uniforms being personally bought.

One Response to “Do nurses buy their own uniforms?”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Depending on the hospital or health center, I believe that most nurses do purchase uniforms whereas some do not since they are provided. I know that some hospitals and health centers want their employees to wear a uniform that displays the hospital name, title, etc, so it’s easier to people to identify them. As for the hospitals and healthcare centers that don’t provide uniforms, you can find cheap medical uniforms and nursing scrubs through stores or online. If you purchase a few basic colors of scrubs with inter changeable printed tops, you will find that you are not spending too much money.