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Does Proactive really help Lindsay Lohan maintain healthy skin?

8th September 2006

ESPN’s Sportsguy has a new gimmick where he has his wife make football picks in some sort of marital competition. In return she demanded and got her own little rant space. So far so good:

There’s a new commercial where Lindsay Lohan claims that she uses Proactive a few times a week for healthy skin. This made me laugh because she lives at the Chateau Marmont and probably gets a facial and massage every other day. Also, this girl can’t even show up on a movie set on time, now I’m supposed to believe she remembers to take her Proactive every day? I don’t think anyone who’s famous or wealthy should be able to go on TV and endorse skin products unless they divulge the other “keys” to their beauty routine, like acne extractions every week, microderm abrasion two times a month, two facials a week and La Mer moisturizing products at $200 a pop. These celebrities spend at least $2,000 a month keeping their skin “healthy.” In Lindsay’s case, she’s a chain-smoking, club-hopping tramp who spends her spare time getting tanning sessions, shopping and forgetting to eat. She’s going to look like a leather purse in 25 years no matter how much Proactive she takes. She should have to mention that too. I hate that commercial.

By the way, Proactive didn’t work for my wife. More expensive options like La Mer and Sisley aren’t necessary either. I don’t know anything about La Mer, but the Sisley products I’ve tried seem like high quality skin care stuff. Of course I get equally high quality stuff much cheaper from NuSkin (an American direct selling company – meaning you buy products from other people who use them rather than department stores – no wonder these products cost less) but that’s another story.

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