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Don’t work too hard

21st April 2006

A recent study reminds me that it’s not healthy to work too hard. I’ve probably been working hard the past few weeks, trying to correct all students’ midterm exams. I have 5 left and 3 hours left before I have to be in class handing them back. I think it’s time for a quick jog to the park and a short workout.

An uptick in the nation’s economy corresponds to an increased number of fatal heart attacks, according to a recent study by University of North Carolina-Greensboro economist Christopher Ruhm. The study, which tracked heart attacks against economic activity from 1979 to 1998, found that when unemployment drops by 1%, the number of heart-attack fatalities grows by 1.3%. Why? A go-go economy generally means people are working more — and have less time to take care of themselves.

By the way, for those of you saying you don’t have time to eat well, exercise, etc. because making a living (keeping your job) is the most important thing, just remember that if you do become sick you lose both time and money (plus you don’t feel so good either). If you become seriously ill, the company you work so hard for might abandon you. In America, serious illness often leads to job loss. Sad, but we need to face reality.

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