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Fall prevention and responding immediately

23rd October 2011

I think we’ve probably all heard stories about a senior citizen falling, breaking a hip, and then being in all kinds of trouble. Add to this that many seniors live alone, and you’ve got a strong case for finding a reliable senior alert device. In many cases, getting immediate help is a primary concern and the only way to limit the impact an event like a fall might have on future quality of life.

And certainly try to prevent a fall in the first place:

1. Avoid ice and other slippery surfaces. Have bars and mats in the shower.
2. Carry things in an apron or pouch so hands are free to balance / use crutches.
3. Get something long for reaching switches and things that otherwise require a stretch to get to.
4. Try night lights to make walking in the dark a bit safer.
5. Remove obstacles that cause trips. If you have pets be careful not to trip over them.
6. Use non-slip shoes and slippers.
7. Don’t store stuff up high.

Both of my grandparents suffered broken hips as they got older. My grandmother slipped on a waxed bank floor – wax makes things slippery so avoid it whenever you can. My grandfather was living with my parents and maybe reaching to turn the TV off (he didn’t know how to use the fancy remotes). Reaching is also trouble. Even though both were in a position to get medical treatment right away, things could have been even worse if they hadn’t received treatment so quickly.

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