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Foods that are good for men’s health

6th September 2008

A while back, I blogged about frog shakes in Peru, which some people call Viagra. I hear about these kinds of foods in Korea and China as well. Not frogs specifically, but other foods that are supposed to be “good for men’s health” or “make men stronger”.

Traditional Chinese medicine has recommended many foods that are supposed to improve sexual stamina in men, the so called Viagra effect. Many of the foods are highly problematic such as tiger bones and rhino horns. Others are almost unimaginable to many in America: testicles and/or dog penis for example. And let’s not forget good old snake bile.

In Korea, phallic foods like eel are “good for men’s health”. Dog meat is also supposed to be good. This Bosintang (dog meat stew) is widely eaten in Korea but it is especially popular with men over 40.

In the western culture, a more reasonable source for herbal Viagra would include watermelon’s nutrients which are said to relax blood vessels (Viagra also works by relaxing blood vessels). And who can forget The Mango where that excellent tropical fruit was able to cure impotence?

2 Responses to “Foods that are good for men’s health”

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  2. Gu Yoon Says:

    Great Article. Hello my name is Gu from Korea. There are various types of foods which are “less exotic” that are good for men’s health. In many regions is Asia, eel is not that exotic compared to western cultures. Eel is known for its high-protein which can help a lot for men, not only that but also to body builders. If you just happen to live outside of Korea, why not visit your local Korean Market for some leeks? With a little bit of Italian dressing and a handful of leeks can help you guys out there for a day.