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Has anyone tried self hypnosis?

14th March 2009

I hope I don’t need self hypnosis because I’m pretty sure I don’t have the patience for it. This article says it helps cancer patients relax before they get their tests. Apparently it also helps some people reduce the pain of childbirth.

A search turned up some Youtube videos that claimed to banned. Soundslike a load of crap to me but maybe the following video (for example) really was banned:

This site has some hypnosis downloads which may be better than what you find on Youtube.

Anyway, I could benefit from lower anxiety. The problem is that they say it takes practice I haven’t got the patience to endure more than 1 minute of any self hypnosis things I’ve seen on Youtube.

At first I was suspicious of this weight loss stuff but it turns out that it’s really food craving control hypnosis. I’m not saying that works but it is less suspicios because the only way you’re gonna lose weight is to eat fewer (healthy of course) calories than you burn. Eating less and working out more are the keys.

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