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How can bone loss be reversed?

14th May 2006

Someone very close to me suffers from “bone loss” (they insist it’s not osteoporosis). So I went to do a bit of research on nutrition, but the facts there seem confusing (too much phosphorous, too little phosphorous, etc) but what was clear is that strong bones are forced to work: 

Without the addition of weight-bearing exercise however, no program for the treatment or prevention of osteoporosis can be considered complete.  Climbing stairs, running, lifting weights – and to some extent walking – are all among those exercises considered beneficial in maintaining bone density, in contrast to activities such as swimming, which are less helpful for osteoporosis.

While weight-bearing exercises require some degree of mobility, there is a passive, drug-free concept that helps prevent bone loss even for infirm or wheelchair-bound individuals.  It consists of subjecting bone to mild Vibrations for a few minutes on a daily basis, which – just like vigorous exercise – helps actually increase bone density, making it effective for treating normal and problem fractures as well.
Increases of up to 30% in bone density were reported in sheep studies after one year by having them stand on a vibrating platform for a few minutes a day.

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  1. Xavier Watson Says:

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