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How to do a planche pushup: 2 ways to work toward your goal

1st March 2009

Here we have an article with pictures from a gymnastics and strength training coach plus a video from an athlete on youtube. Each one shows a different progression of exercises from hard (frog stands and pseudo pushups) to very hard (wall planches, tuck planche pushups, etc.) to our ultimate goal – the full planche pushup.

Good video here on how to work up to doing a planche pushup – pseudo pushups, wall planche, straddle planche pushup, and then the full planche pushup:

There’s a totally different progression described here:

Frog stand, tuck planche, advanced tuck planche, straddle planche, tuck planche pushups, and then straddle planche pushups.

Some of the terms are not used exactly the same way, but if you start working on both of these, beginning with both pseudo pushups and frog stands I think that’s the way to go. Two angles of attack so to speak.

3 Responses to “How to do a planche pushup: 2 ways to work toward your goal”

  1. Gu Yoon Says:

    Great stuff. I’m thinking of trying out the wall planche, because for now, I don’t have enough upper body strength to do anything else. Are you planning on updating a few of these videos? I sure like to see some more.

  2. Niko Says:

    Hi, I’ve found that when doing the pseudo pushups there is a lot of strain on my wrists, perhaps more than anything else.

    Do you have any suggestions for exercises to build wrist strength and flexibility?


  3. Why do you keep training muscles in isolation? | ClanFit Says:

    […] That’s just the basics.  If you want to reach a specific goal like toning, getting big, or being able to sprint a 4.4 40, just alter the training to suit your goals.  For example, take a look at this guy (disregard the music and “motivational words”).  He got that way with pullups, dips, and pushups.  Just about as functional as you can get and he is both toned and big.  And nothing says strength like, “I’m going to hang out here and do some planche pushups.” […]