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UCompareHealthCare review: useful but not perfect

13th August 2006 is a good resource that gathers information from a variety of sources and sues it to compare doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes. This can be helpful when making a decision regarding which facility to use, but one friend warned me not to use this as your only resource because they don’t get feedback from actual patients, like the famous ‘user reviews’ you read on electronics sites. Here’s his story:

As useful as this may be, it’s missing one VERY important criterion — patient reviews. There’s an orthopedic surgeon in our area who always gets top marks, but who screwed me up royally. When confronted with the problem, all he did was shrug.

My dearest dream is to catch the SOB alone sometime and put a .40 Glaser in each of his knees and see if the $%@^$ shrugs then! I checked his record on the site and it’s clean. I know that I’m not the only person he’s messed up, so I have to take this one with a huge lump of salt.

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