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Huge industry springs up around erectile dysfunction

19th September 2008

There are a lot of products that are supposed to help men get and maintain erections. This craze seems fairly recent. I don’t think talk of erectile dysfunction and its various medications was so mainstream 15 years ago.

About a week ago I mentioned Viagra-like foods. Testosterone boosters are supposed to help build muscle increase sexual function. These come in steroid forms and non-hormonal forms.

Here we have an herbal alternative to the medical Cialis. The herbal Cialis contains grape seed extract, ginseg extract, cayenne, saw palmetto, and damiana.

I’ve heard of grape seed extract (in my current vitamins) and ginseng (very popular in Korea and Japan). Of course, I’ve heard of cayenne but more as a spice than a vitamin or an aid to combat erectile dysfunction. I think some fat burners use cayenne as well. I’ve never heard of saw palmetto or damiana.

Has anyone tried one of these hormonal or natural helpers?

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