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Insomnia: looking for sympathy and advice

6th July 2007

I’m on 24 straight days and counting of not being able to sleep before around 5/6 AM. anyone else have such bad sleeping problems? Ever since I heard some sort of ghost voice a few a times, i just have not been able to sleep at night.

Answer 1: I’ve always been like this. I have developed a pattern where I go to sleep between 4-7, sleep for 4 hrs. Talk to clients/my boss to update them on progress, do some work etc. take a nap around 4-6 in the evening and wake up in time for the Yankees game. Every two weeks or so I am so exhausted that I will sleep for 10 hrs straight.

Answer 2: I think the ghost voice may be more of a problem than the insomnia. How old are you? Late teens -> early twenties ? I have two kids with bipolar disorder. Insomnia and hearing voices are signs that you need to see a doctor.

Answer 3: I’ve had insomnia since my last surgery back on May 16th. But i was on meds for a few weeks, had to go back in the hospital for 3 more days after they released me from my surgery and I was in the intensive care unit for 2 days. Since then my sleep schedule is just screwed up, I have about another 5 weeks until I can get back to work, so I’m hoping to get it straight by then. As a last resort though, I put on my headphones and listen to some music, that seems to work pretty consistently in getting me to sleep, maybe you can try that.

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