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16th May 2016

A friend of mine is trying out Ketosis and I thought it was pretty hardcore / worth sharing what he does:

Wake to 20oz of water with a pinch of Himalayan Salt and a few drops of lemon / lim (organic, squeezed).

Make organic low acidic coffee with grass fed butter, mct oil, creatine, collagen and a dash of a turmeric / black pepper herbal mix. Blend with ice and drink.

Eat first meal after later morning weights workout: a protein smoothie made with purified well water, organic grass fed whey, Osteo Powder, a Scoop of Youngevity 90 essentials multi-vitamin and an Osteo Scoop. Blended with a couple goji berries to enhance some insulin release for protein uptake. I usually do some yoga after my workout to relax my muscles and stretch.

I eat organic grass fed beef OR salmon OR chicken 6x a week, mixing it up, with a very mixed salad. Staples are avocadoes, romaine lettuce, spinach, beets and plucked from the garden parsley.

My last meal is about 6:30pm so I pretty much eat in a 7 hour window only.

Another friend did the Keto diet a year ago:

Kept my carbs down to about 20g /day. 140g protein and filled the rest of my calories with fat.

It was an excellent tool to keep my hunger levels in check. I wasn’t really overweight at the time (5’11 and 180 lbs) but I slimmed down to 162 lbs.

You feel full most of the time and my biggest hurdle was getting enough calories. Many days I’d find myself only eating 1200-1400 calories and just not being hungry at all.

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