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Medicare EOB system invites fraud

24th February 2009

A friend’s dad was in the hospital. The friend was visiting and was sitting there reading a magazine while dad napped. Long time Primary Care doctor, who was NOT an attending physician poked his head in and asked friend how dad was feeling … never read the chart or even approached dad. Dad passed a few days later.

Few weeks later friend gets a Medicare EOB and doctor’s bill that shows doctor billed for the 30 second “examination”. Friend called doctors office to complain. Few days later gets a return call stating it was a mis-communication in the office and the billing was being canceled.

That was when Medicare sent out EOBs as the bills came in. They now send out EOBs every 3 months. It is ridiculous to expect seniors to keep track of office visits and care they did, or did not, receive up to 6 months previous. The fraud is invited under the umbrella of saving money by reducing the amount of EOBs being sent.

I’ve read some stuff that claims it is not uncommon for doctors to bill seniors who have passed in hospitals by reading obits and such.

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