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Microwave food nutrition: Is microwaving food good or bad?

24th July 2010

At the end of last semester one of my students who took a job selling gas ovens told me that microwaving food destroys it’s nutritional value. I’ve been a bit scared of my microwave ever since because it kind of makes sense – I mean microwaves are unnatural so why wouldn’t I believe that they do all kinds of weird things to my food?

Well partially because that reasoning is no good – as a debate teacher I have to warn students not to appeal to nature. For example, “marijuana is natural and therefore it must be good” would lose points for fallacious logic.

And partially because when it comes to health too many people give bad advice. I still remember thinking that pizza was very healthy for 20+ years because an elementary school teacher said it was. After all it contains 3 different food groups (bread / veggies & fruit / dairy). Never mind the high carbs and fat. I still eat pizza but only because I am trying to gain weight.

Anyway, according to this article microwaving food is sometimes better and rarely or never worse. What robs veggies of nutritional value is boiling them or steaming them for too long.

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