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More sex = less muscle growth?

23rd August 2008

We all know that testosterone means bigger muscles. That’s why women who exercise a ton don’t look like Arnold (thoguh they can take steroids for more testosterone and more muscles) and why bodybuilders (yes, Arnold too) take steroids and other supplements to boost testosterone levels.

Now most guys don’t need to look like Mr Olympia, but we do want big muscles so we go workout and eat lots of protein and whatnot. Enter this thread where at least one person who seems to know what he’s talking about suggests that orgasms might mean smaller muscles: “Teststosterone levels peak in males who have abstained from orgasm for 7 days.”

One Response to “More sex = less muscle growth?”

  1. Gu Yoon Says:

    As written in the article above, not all guys doesn’t need to look like Mr.Olympia. According to the title, more sex equals to less muscle growth? I am not sure if I get it because all I see is a big contradiction. True, when having sex, the mass of muscle might shrink compared to reqular size, but for most men they can’t really tell the difference. However, if we just say that having sex is having an exercise, not only the mass of muscle but also the mass of fat reduces. Thus, when getting rid of all that fat, the mass of muscle might look smaller but it just might look tighter and healthier than before. I guess this comment doesn’t really qualify for those who wants to be just like Arnold, but for the rest of you, hope you just keep this in mind.