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Motivating yourself to exercise: tips and ideas

11th April 2006

Try to get a training partner like a family member, buddy, girl friend etc. On the days you don’t want to workout (many people experience days when they don’t feel like working out) your partner will help you get there.

Add structure by making a schedule of things you like to do. Vary your activities and consider things like biking, hiking, and swimming. The idea is not to let your workout routine get boring or stale. Some of us (like me) are just not motivated enough to go to they gym everyday.

Play your favorite tunes with an Ipod or walkman. Read exercise related articles forĀ support & motivation. Even if the articles don’t motivate you, the pictures of incredibly fit people might. Go for walks (I prefer outdoors) often (if you have a 9-5 job go for a walk during lunch time). A small first step can motivate you to do more exercise.

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