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MRPs for weight loss

10th May 2011

So you want to lose weight. You probably know the basics: cut down on calories, high protein, low carbs, only complex carbs and fiber when you do eat carbs, and so on.

Interestingly, one of your best options will be the MRP shake or protein shake. First, they can taste good, especially if you mix them with milk instead of water. Second, they can get you lots of protein, very few carbs, and very few calories.

So, what are my favorite protein supplements? Here are a few recommendations:

Nature’s Best Isopure – there are actually several types of Isopure and while even I get confused about which one I’m ordering sometimes I think they are all good. They have some vanilla and chocolate ones that are naturally sweetened with cane sugar but I haven’t tried those. I do like the plain Isopure that comes with lots of protein and no carbs. It’s unflavored but if you mix it with some berry flavored drinking vinegar and skim milk you have a healthy and yummy snack. Because this protein digests very quickly I drink it after a workout.

ON Casein – Optimum Nutition’s Casein (I like the chocolate peanut butter) doesn’t have the all natural purity thing going for it that Nature’s Best has but if you want amino acids in your body while you sleep (and if you exercise you should want them) try a very delicious milk & chocolate peanut butter casein shake before bed. You will be very happy. The powder itself is high protein, low carb, low calories. They recommend 10-12 ounces of milk. You could save a few calories by going 8 ounces and it just makes your shake a little thicker and more delicious if you ask me.

SAN Infusion – SAN protein powders are famous for quality. Infusion is not the low calorie shake that the others I mention here are but it is the best quality protein I list here and the carbs are good carbs – lots of fiber.

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