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My first week of hapkido

7th May 2010

So three nights this week I practiced hapkido for 1 – 1.5 hours. I’m encouraged because the master is in great shape but concerned because of all the wrist locks we practice. I have no problem dealing with a little pain and toughening up some as long as it doesn’t indicate that my wrist is actually being damaged.

Today the master said that hapkido was an old-fashioned martial art because it’s designed to kill (not for sport). I don’t plan on entering any MMA tournaments or anything so I don’t care that this is not for sport. Then again I don’t plan on killing with my bare hands either…

So far I’ve been practicing wrist locks – in practice we use these to take people down to the mat. In an emergency you would have the option of breaking the other person’s wrist. And I’ve been practicing a circular spin kick that will at least look impressive once I get it down.

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