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Need advice on quitting smoking… anyone ever try?

11th September 2008

Question: Need advice on quitting smoking… anyone ever try?

Answer 1: I did the patch myself… but good luck to you. Incredibly difficult for me, but I got through it. At one point, I was wearing a patch, sucking on Skoal Bandits, AND sneaking a smoke now and again from my neighbor.

How I didn’t go into ventricular fibrillation is a mystery. Again- good luck kicking it.

Answer 2: I have quit 8 times over 50 years. I found that when you go cold turkey you are in for about 3 miserable days. If you want to save some money, before quiting take about 10 cigarettes unsmoked crush them and remove the paper.

Take the tobacco and take a small amount and put it under your tongue, it will feed the nicotine craving, but will remove the inhaling effect. Start cutting back each day. Also if there is some treat you like candy, soda, potato chips, for the first couple of days, when you have the craving have a candy bar.

First day is the worst, next 2 days are a little better, after that you can go to a week. Once you get past 3 weeks you got it beat. But don’t put yourself in situations where you normally smoke, like going out for drinks or if you are facing a great deal of stress wait to stop when everything is cool.

Also the first day, try to sleep through the day, it will make it easier.

Answer 3: I quit cold turkey after 14 years of smoking on May 5th, 2006. You can do it. I tried the patch a year before that and quit for a month but once I went off the patch, I went right back. Good luck and keep faith in yourself!!!

Answer 4: I was a 4 pack a day Marlboro smoker, You have to want to quit smoking for anything to work, I stop with 2 week. But I also used Zyban to stop, I also quit drink coffee, and Beer for about 3 months, and I drank a lot of water to clean out my body. I put on about 25 pounds, but after feeling better I started to work out and it all help.

I have been smoke free for over 10yrs. Good Luck to anyone trying to quit. It is really hard to do. Just keep at it, I feel so much better now.

Answer 5: I quit 16 years ago. After I woke up in the middle of the night craving a cigarette and watching a guy who had quit 3 months earlier take 4 deep breaths and be able to still blow out smoke that was buried deep in his lungs.

It sucked stinky ass for 6 days but on that 6th morning it was 11:00 AM before I realized I had not even craved a cigarette. Once you make it to that point, it is very easy to quit.

Answer 6: Deep Breathing and lots of water helps when you are quitting. The deep breathing relaxes you and helps you do something that is similar to smoking but healthy it also provides a reminder that your lungs are feeling better every day. Water flushes the system and helps the detox go faster.

Answer 7: I quit cold turkey… Haven’t had a cigarette since December 2003… I supplemented the oral fixation with about 1 pack of sugarfree gum a day… Took about one year before I stopped needing the gum…

My brother-in-law has chewed Nicorrette for nearly 8 years and he still sneaks the occassional smoke…

Answer 8: Just do it, Get motivated, get serious about it and throw them the hell out. Get up and say “Screw this I am done with it”, I’m telling you if you are really ready to quit it is the best and easiest way

Answer 9: I used chantix despite the rumors on how it screws with your body and I havent smoked in about a year.. go figure

Answer 10: Am into my 20th day, also with Chantix. No side effects at all. Mostly it’s mind over matter. All I need to do is look at my grandchildren, and that’s enough incentive for me.

I don’t smoke but I know a few people that took welbutrin for other reasons and they quit smoking without even noticing it. Even well they went off the meds they stayed smoke free.

One Response to “Need advice on quitting smoking… anyone ever try?”

  1. Gu Yoon Says:

    Fellow smoker here. On my freshmen year at college I stopped smoking for nearly a year because my ex-girlfriend hated the fact that I was smoking. I realized then and now that if you have someone that’s really close to you who can “nag” you all the time, it really helps. Remember, once you start smoking, you can’t really quit but you’re just not doing it anymore. I know it sounds confusing but once you try, you’ll get the picture.