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Not all antioxidant supplements are effective

23rd April 2006

Researchers who improved the healthspans of mice share some important findings regarding antioxidants and their anti-aging ability to neutralize free radicals. Practical advice at the end is to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The study also┬áreminds us that not all supplements are healthy. The problem is that few supplements undergo clinical trials. Consumers seem to be looking for discount supplements (which makes no sense to me – I know people who wear designer clothes and take the cheapest supplements they can find) and that’s what companies provide. Instead of clinical trials to make sure the product is safe and effective, companies spend money on advertising.

I can’t tell you what supplements to swallow, but I do urge you to find products that have been subjected to clinical trials. These supplements are hard to find, plus they will be more expensive than whatever is on sale in the supermarket this week. However, if the clinical trials are there, at least you know that you get what you pay for.

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