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Over the counter sleeping pills for a red-eye flight?

22nd November 2006

Question: I almost never take any medication but I am taking a red eye flight and want to be sure to sleep on it or my body will be messed up for the next day. Is there a good over the counter pill that will knock you out for 3-5 hours but allow you to function after that. Thanks to all Doctors or others with knowledge on the subject in advance.

Answers: Paulie: Use Melatonin; it’s natural.

Joey: Have a few belts, take an advil, and water and pass out. Benadryl will do the trick.

JCN: Careful with Benadryl – on some people it has the opposite effect. I get jacked up like a crackhead on speed. Bill: If you are going to be more than three time zones away and more than a day or so…consider melatonin. If not, any over the counter except Tylenol PM (after effect is too long to wear off, imo) can help you get 3-5 hours. Another thought is to get Provigil (needa doctor for this)…it will not help you sleep but is the best I know for staying awake with minimal side effects (they give it to Armed Services guys in the field who have to function with out much sleep). In my experience, going light on food healthy on food and heavy on water before and during the trip helps a lot. I also have an easier time with time zone effects going across the pond to Europe than going to the Left Coast.

Berry: Take dramamine.

Tom: Tylenol PM works great: take only 1 though or you’ll have a real tough time waking up. Ryan: I use melatonin; it works really well and it won’t make you groggy the next day like other sleep aids. Not to mention the fact that isn’t a narcotic. I think it’s an enzyme that your body produces anyway. Joe: Simply Sleep is what you want. It is Tylenol PM without the Tylenol. Helped me get through college.

Brick: Simply Sleep is Benadryl, so above comments on Benadryl would apply.

Joey: Regarding Benadryl: You want diphenhydramine, the Tylenol PM has the acetominiphan in it which if you aren’t in pain is a waste of medicine and $. Benadryl is just diphenhydramine HCL, as is Simply Sleep. Take half the recommended dose if you wan’t to be able to wake up in 5 hours.

Enzo: Simply Sleep is good but if you only want to sleep 3-5 hours, only take 1/2 of one.

Walm: NyQuil does the trick for me.

2 Responses to “Over the counter sleeping pills for a red-eye flight?”

  1. Where? Says:

    Tylenol Simply Sleep did not work for me. I had a red-eye flight of 5 hours, starting at 11pm. At 10pm, I took DOUBLE the dose of Tylenol Simply Sleep. 5 hours later, I was as alert as usual, and I could get no sleep whatsoever. Throughout the day, I was also as active as if I had slept overnight. If anything, Tylenol Simply Sleep seems to act like caffeine.

  2. B . MULLINS Says:

    Thanks so much for the help, I’ve been having a heck of time figuring out how to sleep better and your wonderful site has helped me so much. God Bless 🙂