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Functional Movement Systems

26th December 2011

The New York Times talks about Functional Movement Systems and how the Atlanta Falcons suffer fewer injuries than team who don’t use the same strategy.

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MMA fighters and low testosterone

16th November 2011

A lot of people scoff at the idea that professional fighters, with all their muscle and fitness could possibly need hormone replacement therapy. According to WebMD, men’s testosterone levels start to drop after the age of 40, but then only about 1% to 2% per year. And as far as I know, Marquardt, Sonnen, Todd Duffee and Dan Henderson (all 40 or below) have received HRT during their MMA careers. It’s no wonder that people get suspicious, especially when the positive benefits of more testosterone could help a fighter recover from injury, prolong his career, etc.

But at least with Dan Henderson, it seems legit. The state of Nevada approved testosterone replacement therapy for Henderson for his second fight with Wanderlei Silva at Pride 33. In an ESPN interview, Henderson had this to say:

“My levels were so low they were off the charts. I was always tired and getting sick a lot. I couldn’t even tell you [how to abuse it]. I’ve never gone above normal ranges. All I know is that I’m not as tired and I don’t get as sick as I used to.”

Certainly if a man suffers from low testerone, he should be encouraged to seek treatment. As Henderson said above, if you want to be energetic and not be sick all the time, you need normal levels of testosterone. The question is, how can we be fair to guys like Henderson who need hormone therapy to be haelthy in a normal way while still calling out guys who might use it for an unfair advantage?

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Fall prevention and responding immediately

23rd October 2011

I think we’ve probably all heard stories about a senior citizen falling, breaking a hip, and then being in all kinds of trouble. Add to this that many seniors live alone, and you’ve got a strong case for finding a reliable senior alert device. In many cases, getting immediate help is a primary concern and the only way to limit the impact an event like a fall might have on future quality of life.

And certainly try to prevent a fall in the first place:

1. Avoid ice and other slippery surfaces. Have bars and mats in the shower.
2. Carry things in an apron or pouch so hands are free to balance / use crutches.
3. Get something long for reaching switches and things that otherwise require a stretch to get to.
4. Try night lights to make walking in the dark a bit safer.
5. Remove obstacles that cause trips. If you have pets be careful not to trip over them.
6. Use non-slip shoes and slippers.
7. Don’t store stuff up high.

Both of my grandparents suffered broken hips as they got older. My grandmother slipped on a waxed bank floor – wax makes things slippery so avoid it whenever you can. My grandfather was living with my parents and maybe reaching to turn the TV off (he didn’t know how to use the fancy remotes). Reaching is also trouble. Even though both were in a position to get medical treatment right away, things could have been even worse if they hadn’t received treatment so quickly.

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Can Chia Seed Improve Bowel Movements And Health?

12th October 2011

According to some researches, it has been estimated that about 70 million Americans suffer from some type of bowel problems. So it is understandable that the interest of people are building up in terms of what can possibly help them in a more natural way as no one really likes taking medications and having the side effects of these synthetic substances. I most definitely am not saying that there is no need for them because they are tested in proven treatments and cure for whatever they are designed for however all we are saying and the other millions out there that advocates natural ways for relief is that it is always better to consider being more in line with how do body is supposed to work naturally.

Chia Seed

These seeds are derived from the plant called salvia hispanica which is a type of sage and is in the mint family. The main property in the seeds which are important to human health is the high contents of omega 3 fatty acids. As seeds it is widely used in kitchens all over the world and has been shown to be a staple of ancient Aztecs and is still currently a staple in that region but has sprung out in other regions as well these days and has been grown commercially. When eaten raw they are able to maintain being a good source of dietary fiber as well as the Omega 3 Fatty Acids. In recent decades though Chia Seeds have been slowly earning the right to be called a super food as it has numerous health benefits.
With the qualities mentioned above it has been shown that it can aid in the balance of the body in terms of retaining fluids and electrolytes. It also has the ability to help build muscle and other tissues and this is more related to how it is able to form somewhat of a gel in the stomach and aid in the slowing down of the processing of carbohydrates which helps the body nourish itself more efficiently and aid in lessening sugar level spikes. Also more to the point of being able to build tissue and muscle, it is a great source of protein and boron which has been proven to aid in the absorption of calcium by the body.

Chia Seeds, Bowel Movements and Health Benefits

The key to how Chia can be beneficial in improving bowel movements and health for that matter is its high fiber content. Both soluble and insoluble fiber is present in chia seeds and this allows it to be more effective than other sources of fiber. Fiber helps with bowel movements by binding itself with the contents of the stomach so with ample amounts of water stool will be passed more easily and toxins that also has bounded with the fiber will be flushed away as well which in the long run will influence various health benefits like lowered cholesterol, healthier colon, alleviate constipation and even may promote weight loss as fiber also allows you to feel fuller longer.

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US vs. Canadian pharmacy prices

6th October 2011

Many Ameircans are looking to the internet for affordable Canada drugs. The reason? Prescription drugs in America are too expensive. America is, in fact, #1 in the world when it comes to prescription drug costs.

The results are both good and bad, though for the person paying for their prescription we’ll go with bad. Plus pharmaceutical companies spent $855 million lobbying American politicians. That means the drug companies spend more than anyone else when it comes to buying votes in Washington DC.

But to say nothing good comes of it is somewhat myopic. Drug companies make lots of money in the US and therefore American drug companies lead the world when it comes to inventing new drugs.

Americans, though, are sick of paying for the lobbying and for the drug company profits and stock dividends. So they look to online pharmacies and buy the same drugs for less money. So what kind of savings are we looking at?

The most recent numbers I could find come from 2002 (and the AARP). Drugs in America were, again in 2002, 67 percent above average Canadian prices. That’s a significant difference so why pay the American price when your money will be going toward a little R&D and a lot of vote buying in Washington DC?

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The People’s Chemist and Thermo FX

29th August 2011

Shane Ellison, also known as The People’s Chemist, is the author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. His website promises to bring “smart people smart products that they can’t find on the shelves of their local hippie grocery store.”

To that end, The People’s Chemist lab has developed several natural products. Among these is Thermo FX, which promises to promote fat loss while preserving muscle. Some of the active ingredients should sound familiar:

Zishi 30% Beta-agonist blend
Natural Salicin 25%
Guarana Extract 50%
Green Tea Extract 95% Polyphenols
Marshmallow Root
Yohimbe 8%

My wife and I are considering something natural like this. We noticed on our recent trip to Europe that a moderate diet and exercise can’t really help you if you’re in decent shape. And when you’re busy traveling (or working) it’s hard to find time and space and energy to exercise with real intensity for any real length of time.

So if you’re in good shape, how do you get rid of that last bit of body fat? Well you could stop eating (saves you money when traveling in Europe for sure but sometimes that European food looks too good to turn down) but then you also run into a serious risk of losing any muscle you managed to gain from your exercise efforts.

So you’re left with going to a doctor and getting shots (which my wife has tried) or a more natural over the counter type approach. I know it’s a fallacy of thinking to say natural is always better, but don’t we generally prefer natural stuff in our bodies? I mean look at the ingredients in Thermo FX – marshmallow root sounds OK. We know green tea is good. But what do we really know about hat shot the doctor wants to give us other than that it’s expensive and it’s recommended by a doctor (and listening to your doctor without understanding why is another fallacy of thinking – blindly trusting an expert even though these people are known to make mistakes).

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Core exercises with spine safety in mind (disc health)

20th June 2011

This article has theoretical explanations and embedded youtube videos of the exercises. The basic idea is to keep spinal flexion to a minimum:

The first issue that needs to be addressed is spinal flexion. Research by Dr. McGill shows that repeated spinal flexion is detrimental to the intervertebral discs. (1) The strategy of rolling out of bed and then bending over to touch the toes with a rounded spine to stretch your back is enough to make McGill have a coronary.

For McGill, the ability to maintain lumbar lordosis (an inward curvature of the low back) while lifting and moving reigns king. When your trainer tells you to keep an arch in your low back while pulling a deadlift, he’s telling you to maintain lordosis.

McGill has tested many NFL players who have blown-out discs, and as long as they maintain lordosis on the field, they can continue to play. That’s how important lordosis is.

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David Goggins: Don’t limit yourself

17th June 2011

Here’s a dude who explores his soul by striving for excellence and running 125 miles a week. Or he does a 150 mile race and he says when you feel bad around mile 75 you find out who you are and what you can do.

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Denmark Diet – Not a fan

16th June 2011

The Denmark Diet, often referred to as the Danish Diet, is a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate and low-fat program that reportedly offers significant weight loss in a short space of time. Although many people connect Denmark with scrumptious pastries and breads, the diet is very different. It uses foods only in their basic and fresh form and prioritizes protein and vegetables. The foods eaten are: meat (ham, beef, chicken, pork chop), fish (steamed cod, trout or skate), yogurt, eggs, green salad, cottage cheese, butter, celery, carrots, fresh fruit and for just two meals of the 13 day diet, one slice of toast is permitted. Lemon juice is used to add flavor to the salad and yogurt must be 100 percent natural.

The plan is restrictive and breakfast can be as little as a large carrot only. Tea and coffee may be consumed but without sugar or sweeteners. Water is suggested as a means of overcoming hunger. The plan is generally followed for just under two weeks and statistics associated with it suggest that weight loss can be up to twenty-six pounds. Many people find the mental effort as great as the physical symptoms such a low-calorie diet can engender. It is highly structured and any deviation from the plan, no matter how small, is seen as serious enough that the plan must be terminated until it can be re-started some months in the future.

Although most dieters will lose weight, critics have commented that this is not only fat but also water and muscle content. Many people find it difficult to combine this diet with daily living because of the associated issues, such as headaches, lack of energy and the constant temptation to eat more than the permitted amount or forbidden foods. It is reported that the weight loss, though fast, is not generally sustained as individuals regain weight when they begin to eat more regular amounts after the end of the diet.

The diet should not be attempted by anyone with existing medical illness or conditions. Such a low-calorie intake would be dangerous for pregnant women on nursing mothers, due to the lack of sustenance and nutrients. Many of these types of diets were devised for obese patients prior to heart surgery, so these patients have the security of being medically monitored and the diet has a medical purpose. For obese individuals, the loss of weight before surgery can be helpful as there is a higher risk of difficulties when under sedation. Before you attempt any diet it is essential to check with your physician that you are suitable. Rapid weight loss can be seductive but the human body has certain needs to work efficiently and this diet is extreme.

When considering your weight issues, a balanced diet and regular exercise will allow long-term and sensible weight loss. Re-discover the natural sweetness of fresh fruits and vegetables, enjoy snacks of nuts and seeds and head to the great outdoors for a free workout courtesy of Mother Nature! Walk, bike, hike or run in any of the stunning scenery of our natural lands. Just be safe and buy McKesson bandages or other products for your first-aid kit. You can re-sculpt your body and your life in this natural way, so enjoy your exciting adventure!

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Let’s make healthcare more expensive for everyone

26th May 2011

A malpractice award of 58 million bucks – anyone wonder why fewer and fewer doctors are going into OB/GYN? Anyone wonder why healthcare is so expensive in America?

Now certainly the family needs to be able to care for their son. Just not so sure we have to be so quick to blame the doctor. And there’s a difference between providing top notch care (the 8 million) and throwing money at something that makes you feel bad (the 50 million).

Even if this award is overturned and the “non-economic” damages are reduced to $0, do you think Ob’s won’t see this as a cautionary tale and perform Csections at the drop of a hat? There’s a reason the rate of C-sections in the US is 50% higher than in the UK and 35% or so higher than in Canada. Of course, some people like to think it’s because doctors can bill more for a C-section than a vaginal birth.

It’s not clear to me that there was any malpractice involved. Bad outcomes can happen because of or in spite of physician action. Saying, “let’s give a few million because things didn’t go perfectly” is part of the problem with health care in this country. The definition of medical malpractice is an action or inaction that would not have been performed by the average physician in that specialty. The danger is that jury verdicts like this will mean that any vaginal birth will be malpractice someday.

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