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Prehab your shoulder

12th April 2009

Great article here on some exercises and stretches you can do to avoid injuring (prehab) your shoulder. A lot of people end up with damaged shoulders as they continue exercising due to focusing too much on the bigger lifts and not enough on the support muscles.

I especially like the 3 stretches. Admittedly I haven’t tried the exercises yet, but I will now after reading that doing pullups without working on the shoulders can lead to injury since shoulders are active on your way down.

One Response to “Prehab your shoulder”

  1. Gu Yoon Says:

    Thanks a lot for a great article. After working out, I usually do ‘Stretch #1’, but now I found out several more ways to prehab my shoulder. Personally I feel that stretching before and after a workout is the most important thing because without it, critical damages might occur.