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Protein and weight gain – when and how

20th April 2012

It’s been a while since I talked about my struggle to gain weight. Actually, it’s been about 3.5 years – so long that I’m not even trying to gain weight anymore because I took up boxing. Now gaining weight means bigger guys trying to punch me in the nose.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to abandon my readers who might be looking for protein supplements they’ll need for gaining weight. If you follow the article’s advice and drink your protein when you wake up, before and after working out, and before going to bed, well you’ll be getting plenty of protein. That’s probably 100 grams of protein right there and you should be eating real food too.

In another old, but slightly less old, post, I talk about cardio and when to add protein. Basically you want carbs and protein 90 minutes prior to exercise, then you lift, then you do cardio, then you want more carbs and protein. The second one, especially, consider a shake – you want those nutrients fast. The first one too, consider a shake – you don’t want heartburn in the gym but that’s what I get if I eat big 90 minutes before I lift.

Finally, if you want to gain weight, snack. If you want to gain muscle weight snack on protein. Hard boiled eggs are great protein but not much for carbs. So if you really want to gain weight, you’re looking at protein bars. Do watch out for bars that are high in sugar but some, like Detour low sugar bars, taste alright and give you carbohydrates and protein without the sugar.

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