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punching technique especially for P90x Kenpo people

15th October 2010

If you’re doing P90x like I am, you’re throwing a lot of punches when you do Kenpo. If all you care about is getting your heart rate up and burning calories then you can do whatever you want but if you want to train your muscles to punch correctly, these are the 4 videos you need.

However you practice, if you’re throwing a lot of punches, you are creating muscle memory so if you practice with inferior technique it will become very hard to correct the technique later.



Hook (no embedding on this one)


Learning proper technique will slow down your kenpo workouts at first but who knows, maybe one day you’ll end up going to a boxing gym and hitting the heavy bag (like me) and suddenly learn that you have to unlearn bad technique because let’s face it, Tony’s a trainer and not a boxing coach and p90x isn’t concerned with teaching us technique – just with burning our fat.

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