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Randy Couture grappling / mma workout

18th September 2008

Do a few circuits of this without putting the bar down! You’ll make your grip a heck of a lot stronger plus work toward better conditioning and power.

Bent rows x8 (back)
Upright rows x8 (shoulder)
Military press x8 (shoulders)
Good morning x8 (back, leg)
Lunges x8 (each leg) (legs)
Squat push press x8 (legs, shoulders)
Deadlift x8 (legs, back)

1 minute rest. 3-5 sets. Ouch.

2 Responses to “Randy Couture grappling / mma workout”

  1. Matt D. Says:

    Wow! 3-5 sets of that with only 60 seconds rest in between? No thanks.

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