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Running, cardio, bone and joint issues

19th April 2006

I really need to do more cardio. Sometimes I run to the local park and jog for a bit on their trails. The problem is that I only do this once or twice a week. I like running, but I try to avoid too much running because I’m concerned about my knees.

I know a few people who used to run marathons and they all have knee issues know. Runner’s knee refers to damaged cartilage on the back surface of the kneecap. The best way to prevent it is not to overtrain. Then there are other issues like bone spurs and shin splints. I seem to remember painful shins from when I was on the highschool track team. Of course, I’ve also read that running and other high-impact activities spur bone growth so I’ll never consider not running at all.

I know I’m not in danger of overtraining because I don’t run all that often. That’s also how I know I don’t do enough cardio these days. I used to use the exercise bike and the elliptical at my old gym, and before that I used to swim. However, since moving I’ve been working out exclusively in a local park. Exercising outside has been great for my spirit, but the exercises I can do there are quite limited.

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