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Should I start drinking coffee?

12th April 2006

I’m 28 years old and I hardly ever drink coffee. In 2001, I had the occasional sip of my wife’s cappuccino in Rome, but for the most part I used to hate coffee. A year or two ago, I started accepting coffee from my students when they would by me coffee during a break between classes.

More recently, within the past week actually, my wife and I decided to try Maxim’s instant vanilla cappuccino. I lvoe it. We’re out now, and the only way I can stop myself from going to the store and buying some more is by blogging about it.

I always heard that coffee was addictive and was thankful that I never had that problem. However, after 5 cups of instant vanailla cappucchino I fear that it will be hard to stop myself from becoming a regular coffee addict.

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