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So, how is everyone getting back into shape for summer?

7th May 2011

Winter is over (unless you live in the upper midwest) and spring is here. It’s lighter, the weather is getting warmer and hopefully for most of us, work hours are lessening. How are you going to get fit again? Gym, lifting, running, biking, golfing, tennis, swimming?

For some people, nothing beats running outdoors. For sure, a few miles a day will keep the weight down. Problem with distance running is it can kill your muscle mass.

Some sprints will also burn off the fat and can actually help you maintain or build muscle. A popular mix it to sprint for 30 seconds and then jog for a minute and continue for a while (if you can)!

Lifting weights combined with cardio is a good way to go. p90x would be the popular example now but it’s really nothing new – just keeps organizing things extremely simple. Men’s Health HGM Program is another one you might check out if you’re looking for stock workouts.

Sports can be good but I know from experience that joining a Sunday softball league is really not going to burn a lot of calories. Certainly not compared to heading to a boxing gym and hitting a heavy bag or something like that. But not something like most traditional martial arts workouts – there’s a reason they say “anyone can do it, even little kids.” The workouts are often not that tough.

You’ll probably want to change your diet. I mean if it’s already perfect you certainly don’t need to be reading this. No soda and no fast food are the basics. And vitamins, especially, fish oils and omega. When you’re ready to get advanced try to eliminate all processed foods and all carbs after 7:00 PM assuming you (unlike me) workout in the AM and go to bed early like you should.

Oh and don’t forget marathon sex sessions with supermodels (or your spouse).

Try keeping a diary – it’s amazing how often I eat processed carbs each week… or at least how often I used to.

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