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Starting A Fitness Program Just For You (Part IV)

15th July 2006

You have now made the mental choice to add an exercise program into your daily or weekly routine. You have determined your fitness level and know what kinds of activities are appropriate for you. You have thought up a plan and written it down. You have purchased all the necessary equipment you will need. Now, there is just one last thing to do…

It Is Time To Get Started!

Here are some tips you should follow so that you stick with your plan:

1. Begin your program slow and then build up a little at a time. Know about warming up and cooling down with either stretching or gentle walking. Speed up gradually during your exercise routine to a pace that you can maintain for about 10 minutes without getting overly fatigued. Talk while you are exercising, either to a buddy or to yourself. If you cannot talk normally, you are more than likely pushing yourself too hard. Aim to get to a point where you can do this for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.
2. Split up your exercise routine. You don’t have to get in all of the 30 minutes at one time. Go for a 10 minute walk, then do 10 minutes of an exercise tape, then shoot hoops for 10 minutes! If you can fit 10 minutes into your schedule several times a day easier than a large chunk of time, do it!
3. Keep your exercise routine creative. Even if you already know you like swimming, walking and doing aerobic exercise tapes, throw in some variety every once in a while. Take a kickboxing or karate class. Go on a long hike or canoeing with your family. If you are interested in the exercise, you will be more likely to stick with it.
4. Your body knows best! If you feel pain of any kind, cannot breathe, feel dizzy or are experiencing nausea, stop exercising! Take a break. These are all signs you are trying to do too much too fast.
5. Give yourself some flexibility. When you become ill or are just not feeling well, let yourself take a couple days off.

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