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Starting A Fitness Program Just For You (Part V)

17th July 2006


You have made a start to becoming a better, more healthy you. I hope you are sticking to the program we have made together and are finding enjoyment during the time you are taking for yourself. However, there is one last step you need to take in this fitness journey.

Make Sure To Monitor All The Progress You Are Making!

Go back to part I of this series and take the personal fitness assessment again after 6 weeks of following your routine. It is a good idea to continue to retake that assessment every few months or so. This will show you just how much you are accomplishing…or possibly the lack of progress.

It is very likely that you will find you need to increase the time and intensity of your workouts to continue to see progress. You may need to look at other habits, such as your diet, and modify them to reach your total body goals. For a lucky few, you will find that this exercise plan you are following is perfect and is leading you right to your fitness goals!

Be aware that during any fitness program there will be a time when you lose motivation. Maybe you are just bored! Go back and set some new goals and try some new exercises. Enlist the help of an “exercise buddy” to keep you on task and make the whole exercise project seem more fun. Move outside of your home and take some classes at a local gym or community center. Experiencing a wide variety of fitness activities may boost your spirits and keep you on task.

And that is it. Keep moving, stay motivated, and don’t ever doubt that your decision to start exercising was the right decision! Sticking with it can create at least one healthy habit in your life that can benefit you today and in the future.

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