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The People’s Chemist and Thermo FX

29th August 2011

Shane Ellison, also known as The People’s Chemist, is the author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. His website promises to bring “smart people smart products that they can’t find on the shelves of their local hippie grocery store.”

To that end, The People’s Chemist lab has developed several natural products. Among these is Thermo FX, which promises to promote fat loss while preserving muscle. Some of the active ingredients should sound familiar:

Zishi 30% Beta-agonist blend
Natural Salicin 25%
Guarana Extract 50%
Green Tea Extract 95% Polyphenols
Marshmallow Root
Yohimbe 8%

My wife and I are considering something natural like this. We noticed on our recent trip to Europe that a moderate diet and exercise can’t really help you if you’re in decent shape. And when you’re busy traveling (or working) it’s hard to find time and space and energy to exercise with real intensity for any real length of time.

So if you’re in good shape, how do you get rid of that last bit of body fat? Well you could stop eating (saves you money when traveling in Europe for sure but sometimes that European food looks too good to turn down) but then you also run into a serious risk of losing any muscle you managed to gain from your exercise efforts.

So you’re left with going to a doctor and getting shots (which my wife has tried) or a more natural over the counter type approach. I know it’s a fallacy of thinking to say natural is always better, but don’t we generally prefer natural stuff in our bodies? I mean look at the ingredients in Thermo FX – marshmallow root sounds OK. We know green tea is good. But what do we really know about hat shot the doctor wants to give us other than that it’s expensive and it’s recommended by a doctor (and listening to your doctor without understanding why is another fallacy of thinking – blindly trusting an expert even though these people are known to make mistakes).

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