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The Perfect Pushup vs Iron Gym pros and cons

7th March 2009

Question: Anyone have one of these?? If I push myself hard enough, I can do 100 pushups. I tried the Perfect Pushup this morning and could only do 40. I expected different results but I didnt expect them to be so drastic.

The only problem I have is that when it turns there is absolutely no resistance, so it almost feels like its about to turn too far and that I might break a wrist.

Answer: The turning of it is really pretty pointless. Although it’s a decent piece of equipment, you can go to wal-mart and get your standard push up bars for $10. The most important part is the extra extension it allows the chest muscles during the eccentric movement. This guy just added a twist to something that’s been around for years. (Now he’s a rich guy) You really don’t need to spend the $30 or however much it is.

Actually the Iron Gym is a great piece of equipment for in home fitness. For I think it was $25, you can have the pull up bar and it can also be used as push up bars allowing you the extra extension. Now that was a good invention. The perfect pushup is not as innovative as the commercial would like you to think.

Anyway, with push up extension things you get a better workout in a shorter time. I do know a guy who disagrees with me about the perfect pushup and says the twist isn’t pointless cause it works the tricep some more.

Whatever – the tricep is an easy muscle to isolate. I use dumbells but this is another case where the Iron Gym is better than the Perfect Pushup. If you want to get your triceps involved, you can also use the Iron gym to do dips. Much in the motion of a kick back, albeit you don’t get quite a full range of extension, it is a pretty good burn on the triceps (while working the muscle as the agonist and not just the synergist as with your standard push-up) for such a simple piece. Works the same way you do push ups on it. You just put it on the ground and grip the handles with your back toward the ground. Legs out and lower yourself extending the triceps and raise yourself contracting them. It’s actually a pretty good triceps workout in a pinch.

One Response to “The Perfect Pushup vs Iron Gym pros and cons”

  1. Austin Wentzel Says:

    You may have a point there. But, as an AFROTC cadet, one thing I will say is that I was right around the “52 push-ups per minute” range and after using the perfect push-ups for a few months, my next physical fitness test was much better. I was up to 67 per minute (whereas normal push-ups just didn’t push me as hard). That was just me.