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Throwing stones for explosive shoulder strength

5th May 2006

Here’s an exercise that is probably bad for the joints but adds a lot of explosiveness to your movement. It’s a tip that came from a basketball player who has been trying to increase shoulder power for jumpshot range and overhead work strength.

He started by doing handstand pushups against a wall, but couldnt do much at all. Then he tried some stone throwing. In this basketball player’s experience, throwing a weight builds more explosive power without much bulk.

What he does is use a bunch of heavy garden wall stones and, one at a time, does a standing shot up and forward in the dirt. For variation, he sometimes stacks two for more resistance. After one week he really feels the power difference and his jumpshot has much more range.

With the same stones he mixes in some grip exercises. He grabs each stone with his fingertips and walks around his house as many times as he can. He also does the grip exercise with a small step to build some leg endurance at same time.

The drawbacks here are that you might hurt yourself and that the neighbors might think you’re crazy. Talk about making sacrifices for your sport… Anyway, this is not recommended for improving your healthspan. I think there’s a serious risk that throwing heavy stones around will do just the opposite. Still, in addition to this basketball player, I’ve also heard of boxers and baseball players

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  1. medicow Says:

    To strengthen the joints and muscles and all ligament tears which happen there, weight training is perhaps the best physiotherapy to gain muscle strength. To strengthen and tone muscles and joints one should gradually increase lifting weights under strict supervision and guidance under an instructor.