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Tiki Barber’s workouts

26th April 2006

Tiki Barber is an awesome running abck for my favorite NFL team, the NY Giants. I came across this very interesting article on his workouts. They happen with trainer Joe Carini. The workouts are pretty intense so let me give you a sample before you go read the article.

“The Yoke.” It’s a 260-pound frame and adjustable crossbar with flanges for weights at the bottom. On this day, Barber threw an additional 180 pounds on that bad boy and carried it, on his shoulders and then across his folded arms, down the sprint strip for 10 yards.

Its subtle forward-and-back and side-to-side swaying as he walked forced Barber to use the smaller muscles in his legs for balance. The increased strength in those will help him cope with the odd-angle hits that take other backs to the ground.

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